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...to the website for recording artist, producer and educator
George Dussault.

On stage with VJHave you heard of George Dussault?

Maybe not, but if you're a music lover you've probably heard his work.

Motif Magazine has called him, "a musical genius"

Go Magazine has called him an "audio wizard and prolific guitarist"

The Providence Phoenix has called him "a sonic wizard" and "a guru"

He's been referred to as one of the brilliant musical minds in New England.

As a musician, George has played guitar, bass, keyboards and drums on hundreds of recordings, from punk bands to rap artists to jingles.

He is especially known for his stellar guitar work, which has become legendary on the East Coast, gracing the recording and live efforts of The Rhythm Room, Kris Hansen's Left Hand Band, Viking Jesus, Tammy Laforest, Divas With A Twist, Spiney Norman, Strider and many others. He has also appeared on stage as a solo artist and with countless other performers, and his soulful yet astonishing guitar work has become legendary on the East Coast.
Big ol' board

As a producer, he has worked on nearly a thousand recording projects in every conceivable genre of music, from hard-core to Indian-Classical. Several of his productions have landed on the Grammy Ballot, and all have garnered excellent reviews both for the music itself and for the production values.

As a performer, he spearheads three of the most ambitious musical collectives in the New England region as well as lending his skills to a variety of side-projects.

As a teacher, he instructs dozens of students in the art of music.

George is a veteran of the New England scene, leaving his musical mark since his early teens. His love of the arts, his passion for sharing his gifts and his commitment to bringing the best out of his students and fellow artists has earned him the respect of many in the music business. His name has appeared on the Grammy ballot 19 times as of this writing.

Check the NEWS page for the most recent updates and videos.

At this website, you can learn about him, his travels in the music scene, and perhaps a bit about music itself (George considers himself an eternal student).

Click around, listen to some of what he's done, and by all means, drop him a line!

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with Spiney Normanwith The Rhythm Room
At a gig with Spiney Norman, and projected on the big screen with The Rhythm Room at Flames of Hope Waterfire, Providence, RI

at the baby grandwith The Rhythm Room

Laying down a track on the baby grand, and on stage with The Rhythm Room at Showcase Live, Patriots Place.

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